Time Lapse It Photography

What is it?

With time-lapse, photos are taken at regular intervals (anything from one per second to one per day) from the same vantage point, and then strung together in a video that showcases the normally slow transformation in just seconds.

Cameras can run 24/7 for any amount of time.

Time lapse is the ideal media to show and record actions over long or short term projects.

It consists of DSLR (High resolution cameras with super wide-angle lens) mounted in a strong weather proof housing, micro processors with 3G connectivity and solar or 240 volt powered.

What projects can it be used on?

  • Construction of buildings both large or small.
  • Construction of Solar and Wind farms.
  • Earthworks.
  • Mining
  • Rail works.
  • Large concrete pours
  • Demolition.
  • Set up and packing up of events.
  • Large machinery movements.
  • 3D printing.
The system is very adaptable so talk to us if you have any type of project in mind.

What is it used for?

  • Stakeholder participation without having to access the site.
  • Archival, a visual record for history.
  • Marketing and promotional, show new customers what you do.
  • Remote monitoring.

Also for monitoring of

  • Progress,
  • Deliveries,
  • Weather,
  • Machinery movements,
  • OH&S management,
  • After hours access,
  • People movement,
  • Asset protection  

Advantages of our Time-Lapse

  • Remotely check progress without visiting the site.
  • Prevent un necessary visits.
  • Run for any amount of time.
  • Multiple camera can be networked together to give various angels.
  • Photo proof of conditions before, during and after the project can help your client settle liability disputes.
  • Providing the photo coverage of long term time-lapse may help your clients reduce insurance premiums.
  • A back up is constantly active.

When can I see the photos?

The system remotely uploads photos to our secure server as soon as they are taken or set intervals during the day and night.

How do I access them?

You are given a URL for a dedicated web site of your project.

  • Apps are available for all platforms and devices.
  • Log in anytime to check the project.
  • Download directly.
  • Search by date.
  • Play a movie of the latest images.
  • Include your branding on the home page.
  • Share with others and social media.

When do I get the video?

  • Thousand of images are produced every month. We sort all images then each is individually edited by our highly trained staff and used to create a Mp4 video.
  • This can be updated and supplied monthly or at the end of the project.
  • We include any branding and text you wish.
  • The RAW images can be supplied for your graphics staff to create the video if you wish.

Why use our system?

  • All components, cameras and optics are of the highest quality.
  • Once we decide on a mounting location you don't have to do anything, leave it up to us.
  • We are just a phone call away.
  • We constantly monitor the cameras and can remotely adjust vital aspects.
  • All dated, edited High resolution files are supplied.

Where can it work?

  • Any outdoor or indoor location that has 3G service.
  • They can be mounted on any existing infrastructure or we can supply mounting solutions and masts if nothing is available.

Which States can we have this?

  • Victoria
  • N.S.W
  • Tasmania
  • S.A.
  • QLD

The Process

  • Contact us and provide details of requirements.
  • We then require a site inspection.
  • Determine a start date.
  • Install cameras and start operation.
  • The only time we need to visit the site is for cleaning.
  • On completion, camera is dismantled, and the completed video and files and delivered.

Our Staff and OH&S:

All staff are fully trained.

We have never recorded an injury or any safety issue and always participate in any site inductions and safety programs.

We always carry PPE including, orange vest, steel caped safety boots, safety helmet, safety glasses, ear plugs and gloves.

We hold:

  • Worksafe Construction Induction card,
  • SWMS
  • Rail Industry Worker card,
  • National Police check and have completed CFA wildfire course and basic first aid.
  • Also registered supplier for V Line, Vic Roads, Origin, Southern Program Alliance, Fairfax and News ltd and have participated in site inductions with construction companies.
  • Any specific courses required to be completed will be done so at the expense of the client.
  • The business is insured for public liability up to $10 M
  • All equipment is insured.

Participating Clients:

AccionaCHWCOBColemanEnergy AustGJ GardnerLaminexlend leaseLCRAMakMaxoriginpacific hydro

Marketing and Pitching:

With 64% of online consumers saying they’re more likely to buy after watching a product video, you can no longer avoid video for your online marketing. And, when your product or service involves slow change over a long period, time-lapse is a great way to tell your story in a short, punchy marketing video. With time-lapse, photos are taken at regular intervals (anything from one per second to one per day) from the same vantage point, and then strung together in a video that showcases the normally slow transformation in just seconds. Time-lapse videos are growing in popularity (web searches for ‘time-lapse’ have increased 400% since the start of 2009), and a good time-lapse video can be shared thousands of times on social media within hours of being put online.

Comments from Clients:

Primarily, we use the time lapse camera to provide a permanent construction record and to assist with site supervision activities.

Secondly, it is used as a marketing tool for our internal and external stakeholders.

Warrren Jose.

General Manager Infrastructure Delivery.

Central Highlands Water.
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Can I see samples of your work ?

Bernie Leen Demolition

Delicate demolition of buildings




Mercedes Benz

A New Mercedes Benz dealership in Ballarat is developed over 6 months



New roofing system constructed over bowling greens in N.S.W.


Solar Park

A solar park built in regional Victoria over 8 months



A reservoir wall is re built over 10 months



Solar panels installed on a roof



G.J. Gardenr new display home goes up


Sports Oval

A sports oval get re developed



Seating is relaced at Her Majesty's Theatre


Factory fit out

Machinery is replaced in a factory


Construction of a grandstand and seating


Water tank

Water tank reconditioning