Editorial & Media Photography

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 “Editorial, Media, Photography & Photographer” 

We are available to cover just about any freelance work in Victoria.

For all forms of media, communications, public relations, external relations and corporate stakeholders.

Many years working in the media industry has won Ian 28 awards.
Photographing for News, Features, Sections and Sport for numerous publications.
This is where we expect the un expected and are ready for anything.

A Few of our current clients include:

  • ACU
  • One Geen Bean
  • Makax
  • Barcroft Media UK
  • The Herald Sun & Sunday Herald Sun
  • The Age & Sunday Age
  • The Australian
  • Instyle Magazine
  • Engage Media
  • Hardie Grant
  • Pacific Publications
  • IER
  • “Look” UK
  • Performance Media
  • City of Ballarat
  • Progressive PR
  • M.A.D.E.
  •  “Editorial, Media, Photography & Photographer”